What links the world’s top school for entrepreneurship (Boston’s Babson College), global professional services firm Deloitte, prominent UK entrepreneurs, employees and students of all ages and some of the world’s poorest people? The answer is the Micro-Tyco Business Challenge, created by Mick Jackson, founder of WildHearts in Action Ltd.

Mick Jackson, with support from ScotCanBC, is in Vancouver to talk to organizations about the program on July 26 and we invite you to come along to learn more about how your organization, employees and students can benefit from taking part in the next (and Canada’s first) Micro-Tyco Business Challenge scheduled for November 2013.

What Is Micro-Tyco?
Micro-Tyco has been described by some of the UK’s top business minds as the ‘ultimate enterprise training’. The Scottish Government would like Micro-Tyco in every school in Scotland. Teams of employees or students are given a seed loan of $1 and have 4 weeks to grow it (by any creative and legal means possible) into as much money as possible. For example, one Scottish school team purchased slightly overripe fruit, which they sold to make 20 times their initial seed loan and then continued to grow their capital to $14,000 through a range of different commercially focused activities.

Profits from the project are then provided to some of the world’s poorest people to work their own way out of poverty with dignity and self-respect. No additional donations or payments are required.

Micro-Tyco brought together over 1100 teams from schools, colleges, universities and business to generate profits of nearly £250,000 in 2012. In February 2013 profits equaled almost $350,000.

The Micro-Tyco challenge enables employees and students to flex their entrepreneurial muscles, stretch their imaginations and learn team-working skills that will benefit their organization, career and studies. Participants will become dynamic wealth creators and global ethical investors. Micro-Tyco’s ethos is that once you release your talents the whole world benefits.

Where and When
Mick Jackson is coming to Vancouver from July 26-29 to meet organizations that would like to learn more about participating in this unique program. ScotCanBC is hosting a ‘Lunch and Learn’ presentation and Q&A at RBC Dominion Securities HQ in Vancouver (Suite 2500, 666 Burrard Street) on Friday, July 26 from 12-2pm. Mick is also available for one-to-one meetings by request. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to attend.

Further Information

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About WildHearts in Action
WildHearts in Action is an international organization based in Scotland that launches companies and uses their profits to tackle poverty in the developing world. Founder, Mick Jackson, is a serial entrepreneur and recipient of the prestigious ‘Top Scot’ award, an honour he shares with author JK Rowling.


About ScotCanBC
ScotCanBC is a volunteer led, not-for-profit organization that seeks to expand trade and investment between Scotland and British Columbia. ScotCanBC shares knowledge about commercial opportunities; connects people, companies and government agencies; and showcases organizations that have benefited from trade and investment support. Membership and sponsorship opportunities are available. For more information about ScotCanBC please visit or email [email protected].